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Beside the two parameters support and confidence additional metrics for measuring the importance of rules are provided. The following metrics are currently available:

  • lift
  • conviction
  • long tail correlation (ltc)

Lift and conviction are standard metrics, describing the interestingness of a rule. ltc is an experimental SAT made metric, describing the capacity of a rule <math>X \rightarrow Y</math> that a common item X refers to a rare item Y. ltc is defined as

<math>ltc(X \rightarrow Y) = support(X) * \log( \frac{support(X)}{support(Y)} )</math>

and has the following characteristics:

  • ltc(X->Y) < 0: X is the rare item, pointing to a common item Y.
  • ltc(X->Y) = 0: X and Y have are equal popular
  • ltc(X->Y) > 0: A common item X is referring to a rare item Y.

Currently these parameters can only be activated in the configuraton file .... When activated, these values replace the 'confidence' measure as the quality criteria!

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