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Note: Version 0.99 hast not been released yet!

The easyrec project is an open source recommendation system providing simple access to high quality recommendation technology to any portal provider in search for personalization. The access to easyrec is provided through Web services assuring an easy and quick integration. Immediate deployment is possible for web sites (e.g. scripts enclosing API calls, placed in the client's pages, see below). Its focus is simple integration; In most cases, the web-based administration interface should be sufficient for configuring easyrec.

On these pages you will find information about the API and the basic concepts of the easyrec project. If you have any further questions about easyrec, post your question in our forums.


Getting started

Read how to get started and the FAQ to get a brief overview of easyrec.

Basic concepts

The easyrec server lets users register an operator account. One operator can create and manage tenants for each one of the websites they want to add recommendations to. Each website lets its users interact with Items, which can have different item types. Optionally, items can be grouped in hierarchical clusters. If properly integrated, each user interaction with tenant's website causes an action to be sent to easyrec. Generators are scheduled to calculate rules, or associations between items, on a regular basis.


Installing & Configure your own easyrec

If you want to install your own easyrec instance you will find these pages helpful:

Developing easyrec

Since easyrec is open source we are happy about every helping hand! Read the Coding Guide to get started with the code architecture of easyrec. If you plan to develop your own plugin read the Plugin Guide to get started with plug-in development. If you write a plugin please contact us at the forum because we are very interested in the usage of the plugin system.


The most important part of easyrec is sending and receiving data. For this important step you will need either the REST API or the JavaScript API, the latter being just a thin layer over the REST API.

Recommendations are returned as XML or in JSON notation. This approach makes easyrec usable in every common programming language.

Third-Party Integrations

Ready to use Third-Party Integrations will be provided for a wide range of popular open source platforms. No additional programming is necessary.

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