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In this short guide you will learn how to integrate easyrec into your website and get recommendations based on the actions you send to our service. easyrec just needs user actions to create recommendations - you don't need to import your dataset in our system.


Create a tenant

First of all you have to create a tenant which is a unique identifier of your website or project you work on. All actions you send will require a tenant ID and the API key for your user account. If you have multiple instances of your service (e.g., a demo instance and a live system), use two different tenant IDs. Since the tenant ID can never be changed and all your actions are stored with that ID, it should be chosen wisely.

Send Actions to easyrec

This step is very important to get right because without actions you won't get recommendations out of easyrec. You can send actions via the REST API or the Javascript API.There are different Types of actions: view, buy, and rate.

Tip: When you've sent a few actions, log into the easyrec web interface and have a look at the overview section of your tenant management view to see if your actions are seen by the easyrec server. If you use Firefox and the Javascript API you could also use the firebug plug-in for displaying the easyrec API calls.

Notes about Rate Actions

If you send rate actions please note that they are only useful when you send different values. For example, if you only send rate 10 actions you won't get recommendations. Try to map user behaviour to different rating values: If you use a five-star rating system, map 0->0, 1->2, 2->4,..,5->10. If you use thumbs up/down, map down->0,up->10.

Wait for the Daily Recommendation Calculation

On our demo server, you have to wait until the new rules are calculated and stored. As soon as this process is finished, recommendations can be requested from your web-app.

The daily calculation of rules starts at 2:00 am GMT+01:00.

Get Recommendations

Only when easyrec received enough actions on a number of items and from different users, recommendations will be available through the REST API or Javascript API. If you want to force the creation of recommendations, send actions for three different items and and three different users. After the nightly calculation you should see new rules in the rules tab of your tenant management view.

Download and Run Your Own

This step is optional - if you want to run your own easyrec service, download the easyrec project from source forge and deploy it on your server. For more information on installing, read the installation guide.

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