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The item type in easyrec can be send via the send action API. When the item is created the type will be saved in the database and you will be able to create recommendations based on this item type. When you don't send any item type the item type ITEM will be used which is created automatically when you create a tenant.


Another example would be a site like IMDB. They have the following item types:

  • FILM

If you would send VIEW actions for each item type you could create recommendations like:

  • User who viewed this actor profile also viewed the following actor profiles
  • User who viewed this film also viewed the following films
  • User who viewed this episode also viewed the following episode
  • User who viewed this director profile also viewed the following director profiles

create item types

You can create item types for your tenant when you log into the easyrec web administration interface and navigate to your tenant "item type manager".

currently you cannot delete item types from the system - when you send actions with a wrong item type the action will not be saved into the database.

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